WaterSpec was established in 2003 in response to the needs of water system owners and managers seeking assistance from professional engineers. WaterSpec enables their clients to maintain compliance within the changing realm of water regulations.

WaterSpec solutions are founded on ecological principles designed to provide a balance of environmental protection and water resource utilization. Our team of multi-discipline professionals are able to address the full spectrum of water system issues.

Our mandate focuses on a single Compliance Management Objective:

"To demonstrate a dedication to the health and safety of the clients we serve, and to the protection of our infrastructure and the environment."

While WaterSpec operates primarily out of our Belleville location, our services are available across Ontario.

WaterSpec's services

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Operational Management
  • Engineering Inspection Reports
  • Facility Compliance Outlines
  • Compliance Sampling / Reporting
  • Treatment and Distribution Operations (with     certified operators)
  • Troubleshooting systems
  • Facility Designs
  • Distribution Supervision / Maintenance (locates,     flushings and repairs)
  • Distribution Mapping / Record Keeping
  • Personnel Training

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