Structural Engineering

Greer Galloway Group is committed to providing building code compliance on every structural engineering project.  We offer structural engineering services for residential, commercial, municipal and agricultural projects.

Greer Galloway also provides structural engineering services and designs for Architects, residential developers or contractors building or renovating a home or office building. We will work with our in-house building services department, or with external customers who require reviews and information for their projects.

Our engineers also specialize in the area of bridge infrastructure management, which provides engineering services to federal, provincial and all levels of municipal bridge authorities and owners.

Whatever your structural engineering project you can be assured that our engineers and support staff are dedicated to using our customer’s concepts, ideas and long term vision to provide the best possible results.

Structural Engineering Services offered

  • Site inspection and Structural assessments
  • Analysis of rehabilitation and renewal options
  • Site design
  • Engineering
  • Tender management
  • Construction Administration / Inspection
  • Topographical Surveying

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