Municipal Engineering

Our Municipal engineering service team can provide all of the civil and environmental engineering services required to address the complex infrastructure, environmental and land use issues facing municipal governments.

From review of plans of subdivision to the design and supervision of sewer and water infrastructure construction, Greer Galloway can provide for the many facets of municipal engineering needs. Our comprehensive range of skills includes design, preparation of contract drawings and tender documents, project administration, and technical review. Our clients include federal and provincial agencies, private developers, and numerous urban and rural municipalities, providing us with a broad base of experience to draw upon.

Projects that enhance economic development opportunities, improve the quality of life enjoyed and expected by the community, or that address regulatory mandates are developed with budget conscious, innovative and functional design solutions.

Municipal Services offered

  • Water Supply Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment
  • Storm water Management and Flood Plain    Mapping
  • Site Engineering
  • Parking Lot Layout and Design
  • Municipal Road Design and Bridge Rehab. /    Replacement
  • Subdivision Servicing and Design
  • Construction Administration / Inspection
  • Topographical Surveying

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