Geographic Information Systems

Greer Galloway is focused on applying GIS technology as a tool in decision support and planning for all of our clients. Using GIS, our goal is to provide an innovative outlook to traditional concepts of business. At a glance, Greer Galloway has the consulting expertise and GIS knowledge to help our clients from a variety of perspectives:

Asset Management

  • Manage Capital and Operational Assets
  • Report Generation and Spatial Analysis
  • Predictive and Responsive Planning
  • Urban/Regional Planning

  • Visualize Strategic Plans
  • Identify Community Improvements
  • Economic Development

  • Attract Potential Investors
  • Manage Brownfield Inventory
  • Grow the Local Economy
  • Cultural Mapping
  • No matter what the need might be, our GIS services can help identify where your assets are, streamline your process, and create a business plan that is built on sound spatial evidence and professional advice.

    GIS Services offered

    • Enterprise GIS Solution Architecture Design and
    • Enterprise GIS Solution Installation and
    • GIS Training
    • System Solution and Data Migrations
    • Database Management
    • Generation of Mapping Products and specific
          services for:

            o Urban and Regional Planning (Zoning,
               Official Plans, Environmental Analysis)
            o Economic Development (Business Attraction,
               Redevelopment, Economic Gardening,
               Demographic Profiling, Cultural Mapping)
            o Asset Management for Telecommunications
               (Fibre, Copper, Coax, Inside Plant, and
               Physical Structures)
            o Asset Management for Municipal
               (Water/Wastewater, Gas, Electric Distribution,
               Roads, Bridges, Buildings)
            o Workforce Management

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