Environmental Engineering

Green is our future and we at Greer Galloway are experienced and knowledgeable in the developing technologies and changing legislation as they pertain to the environment. Our team of engineers, planners and technologists provide comprehensive and reliable delivery of environmental services.

The Greer Galloway team has the necessary skills and resources to provide a wide range of environmental services including report preparation, water management, site survey and site plan preparation. We expedite the delivery of services which include waste management, environmental assessments and special needs studies.

Greer Galloway's environmental engineering team has developed a reputation for providing solutions that are financially sustainable and technically appropriate.

Enviromental Engineering Services offered

  • Landfill Capacity Studies
  • Landfill Site Development and Operational    Plans
  • Class Environmental Assessment Studies    (Municipal Roads, Water and Waste Water    Projects)
  • Engineer's Reports for Waterworks
  • Hydrogeological Studies
  • Water Quality Studies
  • Water Distribution Design
  • Sewage Collection Systems
  • Sewage Plant Layout and Design
  • Noise and Air Permits, MOE Approvals
  • Landfill Monitoring and Closure Plans

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